13 February, 2011

CNY with Bu3 Gang

This is the BEST 'cny home visit' I have so far with my friends , 
never going to forget this day ,
it give us a lot of laughter n sweet memories
and spamming fb notifications !! LOL

We went to 6 house in total which include Tian hse , Ming Wei hse , Lucas hse , Kuan hse , Chunkit hse and My house !
We out from 12pm to 12.30am midnight ~ 
Ming wei , Tian and Lucas are our driver =D 
I need to thanks to their contribution for this outing!! muacks !!

We also did a lot of camwhore n video cam session ~!!

Yu Tian House
 ChunKit House
 Lucas House

 YeeKuan House
 I like this group pic the most!

My house

all pengsan d lol


Introduction for Lucas Tortoise

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