14 August, 2010

SHA-UN's Birthday


That day is a 13 and a friday ~
perhaps its not a good day ,
the weather not good either , keep raining all the way ~

Anyway we are not supposed to be superstitious ,
we should be happy because its my classmates, CHEW YU SHAUN's birthday LOL

Most of us are broke , its a financial crisis period~
In order to get into the Karaoke session ,
we choose to eat something cheaper for lunch @ Pizza Hut !
Then only we went to Amp Square Karaoke !!
[ blonde, mei shan , jacky, tiff, brian, shaun, mann, siew sin, sean , suk ling, chew yong , pei shan , chun ee , wai kuin, jessica and me ]
16 people in 1 room ?
So we got a Big room ~

~ Pictures ~

The Birthday boy and me =)

~ the huge K room ~
* the girl in Blonde hair = Siew sin *

Jessica so hardcore for her LADY GAGA and LAM FUNG xD
Seriously , the songs we sing quite emo LOL
I also realized i dint take pic for the cake and the present =_=''

~ Jessica and me ~

suk ling , pei shan and me =)

me , pei shan and suk ling

I love my dress and heels


Again , I love my DRESS!!!! hahahahahahahah

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