20 June, 2009

T2 Examination

Getting exempted from T1 makes me waiting like hell in Library

I came to college at 8.30am but my exam for T2 start at 1.00pm

Venice and siew sin came to joined me after their T1 paper

We entered the examination room at 12.50pm

we are given 2 hours to do the paper..

I finished it when the time still remaining 15 minutes

I got 80 marks for T2..

same as venice... what a coincidence.. maybe thats called FATE

take a pic when going back home
as a memory for my victory

Bye Bye Mr. Cheah! We will ''MISS'' you a lot.. Sayonara!

P.S GamBateh Suk Ling!
Be strong no matter how hard it is!
We are here to support u!

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