13 November, 2010


This is going to be random post ,
post what i did today , 
because today would be a offday for me as for my study ,
tomorrow will be continue bac to study life ,
my study life is like facing the book for 12 hours a day ,
can u imagine that?
but 1/4 of the time was day dreaming =.=
and another 12 hours for Sleeping , Eating and Facebook-ing haixx !!
Lifeless , Lifeless , Lifeless !!
Why do i have to be an ACCA student? sucks!
I had counted that I have 23 days left for my Final exam ,
I was screaming inside my Heart 
and keep telling myself to study !!

okay okay enough ,
at least i went to watch R.E.D(Retired Extremely Dangerous) today ,
destress destress a bit ,
then bought a new shoes in Vincci I very happy d , 
feel like very confident to go in the exam hall now d ~~ 
U can ignored my post liao bye bye ~~

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