15 July, 2011

yo I am BACK!

It has been 2 months since my last blogging ,
the reason I stopped blogging was because of exam , trip and laziness ...
I dint even blog during the 3 weeks sem break because I was out for gathering and trip !!
I want to say sorry for my late update !!
I am so envy of other bloggers who can constantly update their blogs weekly or even daily !!

So , Where have I been?
If you are my friends , you would already know the answer.
Thats because I had been telling my friends I am going to TAIWAN since I bought my flight tickets last year . 
You cant blame me for my excitement cause the magazines and tv shows always give me an impression that Taiwan is a beautiful place with beautiful scenery , food and people !! >_<
After I had been to that place ,
I think they have really nice scenery and it looks exactly the same like you saw in the book or tv!
However , the food are overated =(
 I still prefer Msian food , maybe the reason is I was born in Msia.

If I start blogging about the trip from the first day to the seventh day ,
I think i will miss my sleeping time tonight ,
so I will just delay it to the next post =)
nobody minds anyway !!

Besides , my new semester had just started two weeks ago,
I got to know some new friends from my class , I think thats the good part.
For the bad part , the study work has increase !!
Lecturers have been giving us quite lot of homework and self study notes ...
I hope I can keep in track with what they are teaching ~ ~

Hmm , thats it for the new update peeps ,
I'm going to sleep now ,
hope I wont take too long to update the next post !
night nights ! <3

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