05 May, 2011

My 20th Birthday with Coursemate

I heart my Jimuissss !!1 <3
I celebrate my birthday with them in Rakuzen and 17 Saloon =D

We have our dinner in Rakuzen @ G Tower ,
since I was inform that the main branch of rakuzen in had already moved to G tower~
 I know them for more than 2 years !!!
 This is the people I laugh , eat , sleep , gossip etc etc together X)

 This is the main entrance of Rakuzen ,
It would look nicer without chew yong yong =P

 Udon and Salmon Don Set ,
It is a big portion but cyy finish all !! Big applauss !
Peishan a.k.a Sotong's Teppanyaki Beef Set
Even our Dai gar jie also claimed that she was very full X)
 Siew Sin and Me ordered the same thing again!!!
Its Sakura Chirashidon Zen!!
Inside got Salmon , Tune , Scallop, Octopus, Cuttlefish , Tamago , Prawn etc etc
Sashimi make me so full !! but atleast I had satisfied my craving hoho

This is sukling's Salmon Don , she is satisfied with it as well !
The salmon very fresh hehe

Then the rest come to celebrate me+chun ee birthday in 17saloon @ Sunway Giza
RT Strawberry Cake
with Ball(chunee) and Feli ( me) name on top =)
Note * this is not a wedding cake *

Its OUR birthday cake
*Likes Likes* our SMILE =D
2 of us is 20 years old now !! Just that I am only 1 day older than him X)

However after the prank ,
kinda relief that me and him have the same cake LOL

This is the only group pic we take on that night ,
what a lovely pic ruined by sean tan and chun ee LOL

Thanks again to all whose coming!!
I believe that its fate that make us become classmates!!
Thanks for building up so many happy memories in my life !! <3

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