31 December, 2011


2011 is ENDING soon ,
time has been passing a litte bit too fast today ,
like it cant wait for 2012 to come .
I also doing the same like the others ,
waiting for tonight countdown party to come =)

First thing ,
we all must survive through 2012,
hope the prediction of world end on 2012 will not be true .

Second thing ,
I hope my family and I will be healthy, safe and happy all the time in the new year .

Thirdly ,
I must complete all acca papers next year & passing with flying results .
Seems a bit hard but this is what I really wanted .

Next ,
I will be able to explore to other part of the world ,
and travel to places I've never been  .

Besides ,
I also wish I can learn another new language ,
I've already planned ahead for this 1 ,
as I will start my korean classes on January :D

Last but not the least ,
get to know more new friends ,
 some who are real and sincere to me =)
and also maybe a BOYFRIEND ! hahahahaha

Wish all my friends and family ,
will have a great year on 2012 .
Everyone will care for each other
and always help people who need us .

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