19 December, 2009

Sok Yue Birthday 18/12 XD

Before meeting them ,
I had prepared a present for Sok Yue's Birthday ,
This is also the reason why the Ex-form 5 gather together ...

They decided to buy her a present before she came ,
9 ppl( YK, Lucas, KK, Kenneth, C.C, C.T, Hui Hwa, Wai Yi, Tzyy Ying) sharing for 1 present ,
100 something is not expensive ,
but Kenneth keep Cutting the cost ,
I think Move to Aus make him changed ...
Luckily i prepared the present by myself >.<

Sok yue ask us go Seoul Garden ,
Infront of that restaurant ,
We met Tong Keat , Ming wei , Sok Yue , Siu Yue , Lucas ...
Tzyy Ying and Yu tian came to joined us afterwards ....
The Food was So-so , Not eating much in there haha ....

We leave earlier after the photo session ,
I went Shopping with Y.K instead of watching Movie ,
Got a short pants and Slipper in COTTON ON ,
Yeah! I got it for low prices !

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