16 December, 2009

Ninja Assasins and New Moon

Ninja Assassins on 13.12.2009

We reached One-U at noon ,
Step infront of GSC ,
Looking at the screen but dont know what movie is nice ,
The final decisions was then go for Ninja Assassins ,
Look at the poster , Rain was Half-Naked ,
Thought the movie was going to be SO so...
But!! It was better than i thought XD
NO wonder the movie get to the TOP10 list in Korea

New Moon
on 29.11.2009

Yep! I watched this a week before my exam >.<
I cant resist it !

After Overnight in Jolyn's house , We went Papa for breakfast in the morning...
Then we went pyramid for New Moon ,
Its a Cousin Outing ,
Hav a good time with them

Jingle bell Jingle bell rocks~~

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