17 November, 2009


12 . 11. 2009
This day was the premier for '2012' movie for the year ,
we were able to get the tickets in time but first row seat was the only choice ,
so we had to watched it with head bending ...

This movie story is not a human invention
but a prediction from the MAYAN tribe ,
21 . 12 . 2012 is the day of the world END ,
their calendar only wrote until 21.12.2o12 ...
then it will be the end of the world ...
it is just too cruel to face it ...
hope that it will not happen ...
Overall the movie is not from what i expected ,
I rate it 3/5 ,
I think the story line for the day after the tomorrow is better than it...
anyway it is still worthwhile to watch it >.<
A reminder for the Human race..

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