23 November, 2009

Relative Wedding in Hometown

20.11.2009 - 22.11.2009

Final exam is coming in 2 weeks time,
but there is still many event that i have to attend.
This time my family went back to Taiping,
which is my hometown,
to attend a Wedding of my Grandaunt's eldest son.

I am quite enjoy of it,
Its great that to see a new couple get married,
what a lovely thing ...
Besides of that,
Its great that all of us can meet together again,
its been a long time since the last meeting,
I feel guilty when people still can remember my name but I can't.
They told me that i have change a lot,
&asked me whether i have go for a plastic surgery or come back from U.S.A,
i answer them that its just my hair has change... =.=''

During this period ,
i still havent get use to wake up so early in the morning,
so its too late when my parents go for breakfast,
so my sis n I order room service breakfast to our room haha...

Then before going to the dinner,
My Mummy bring us to the salon to set our hair ^^

After that,
We reached there and signing our name on the guest list^^
I take the chance to take pic with my cousin & relative^^

Pls click here for more pictures^^
Relative Wedding

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