07 September, 2010

Saw Sister LOL

Confession of Love for my sis

My stupid sister ,
is the only one that make me pissed off , laugh , cry , crazy , etc ,
however this make me feel real being with her ~

Basically we shared many things together ,
our thought , our secrets , our foods ~
we easy to get influence by each other too >.<

Even though I am 2 years older than her ,
but i don't feel like i am an elder sister at all ,
sometime she tell me what to do when i was wrong ,
and i feel thankful for that ~

No matter how much she make me hate her sometime ,
but that wont stay for long =)
That is because i know she is the only one that's real when being with me ...
Love her and hate her at the same time ,
this is a complex feeling , hmmm ~~

Although i know its hard to handle her most of the time ,
I still hope she listen to me and stop being stubborn ~
p.s. *to sis* If u see this , be obedient to me okayyy!!

2009 Christmas ,
i am not that short compare with her okiee!!

stupid moment in fitting room haha ~

dont lick me please , i know i am sweet LOL

My time to revenge !! muahahahahaha

nah give u a nice pic back hehehehe ~~

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