03 October, 2010

Dae Jang Gum Korean Restaurant @ Section 14, PJ

  Dont know what to eat? 
then come to DAE JANG GUM @ Section 14, PJ
for korean food !! 
the price is above average , 
if u are food lover ,
its going to worth more than u pay =)
 The restaurant is owned by a Korean , 
they really giving good services and serve us with good courtesy...
I believe this is result from the training given by their employer =)

 the side dishes , so many variety !! dont know which 1 to start first ...
sok yue love the kimchi so much , 
she ordered again and again !!
 the BBQ pork , they cooked it for us =) 
this is the best i have ever eat for korean bbq !
they also give us the vegetables to wrap with the meat to eat it together =)
 cheng fai look so HUNGRY lol
 BBQ chicken , look not so nice but its better than u imagine ... 
you will eat it piece after piece !
 thx to wan joe , 
the tea inside gin leon cup is going to flow out =.=
his attitude will never change ... 
*the korean tea is nice, but leon dont like it , its all depends on you*

 the dessert , dont know what is it call ,
but it is sweet ginger taste =)

 The Ginseng Chicken Soup , thumbs up! 
Its good that it dont hav the bitter taste of ginseng ~

Lastly, Group picture !!! ♥
Damn those ffk me !! 

Night in Curve
 pic took by cheng fai ,
sok yue look happy with that drinks !! XD
me with my green tea cream =)
 healthy drinks huh ? lol 

 We watch Charlie St.Cloud in cathay cineleisure , 
touching and meaningful story ,
more importantly Zac Efron so handsomeeeeeeeee !!  ♥.♥
but the guy just get bored with it >.<
think , why are you giving the second chance? 
everything happen for a reason behind it =)

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