14 October, 2010

Liese bubble hair colour =D

 Whats on trend ?
Its Liese Bubble Hair Colour
I have 3 classmates whose have just done their hair with it =)
So what are u waiting for? 
Go grab one in Guardian Store or SASA !

If you wan to save money or your parent dont allow to dye your hair ,
 LIESE bubble hair colour will be the best choice for YOU!!
Instead of spending rm250+ to dye your hair in the saloon ,
why not give a try on a safe and easy bubble hair colour? 
U only need to pay rm40 for one box , 
dont worry if your hair is long ,
one box is definitely enough !

 So i choose Marshmallow Brown Colour
The results will be different depends on your original hair colour!
(Liese Hair Cocktail Moisturizing Hair Serum on the left and Liese bubble hair colour on the right )

This is what inside the box , hand gloves is given , dont worry =)
Besides of that ,
Liese also come out with a range of Hair Care Product ,
the one i am using now is Liese Hair Cocktail Moisturizing Hair Serum !
I love the peach scent of the serum , 
trust me u will get addicted to it !
 I heard the Raspberry hair mist even have nicer smell !

After using marshmallow brown liese bubble hair colour ,
my hair colour is not much different with the colour i have previously, 
which is ash brown ~ 

tada ! no edit no edit >.<

This is the video they teach you how to used the liese bubble hair colour product ! 
I found it quite useful =)

Lastly , 
Hope you people will enjoy your time with Liese Bubble Hair Colour =)  

p.s.Attention! people who have eczema please don't used it !!
and try it on your skin for testing before u apply to your hair !!

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