24 October, 2010

Mann's Birthday @ TGI FRIDAY

22 October Friday Night in TGI FRIDAY
Late Birthday Celebration for Ching Mann &
Advance Birthday Celebration for Calvin and Shan =)

We went to TGI in sunway pyramid after mock exam , 
i totally screw my law paper !! T.T
After we finished our food ,
the birthday girl and boy were request to stand on the chair and ask to sing 'Nobody' and dance along ,
ofcourse they cant do it ,
so their punishment would be the 'cream' !!

 prank on birthday girls and boy ,
drink the chili and tomatoes sauce !

Group pictures =D

the background make me look like i am in a Halloween party LOL

shaun trying to act killer face after many failed attempt >.<

See how they play with the cream =_=
I dont think i wan to hav my birthday in TGI next time huhu ~

Anyway , 
I have a great laugh that night after emo-ing for few days !
It really help me to distress a lot!! Thanks peeps!

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