25 May, 2009

Night At The Museum 2 niceeee!

There are crowd in GSC ...

Me, yk, kk, lucas, jane) were waiting outside the theater before we were allowed to go in...

Afterwards ,

we found our seat at the most front 3 row,

there is no empty seat left in the theater...

When the show

we went out from the theater and i felt the movie is
worth watching ...

Meanwhiles ,

i was asking for kah kit the
mc flurry he promised to treat me,

and he really did !

I Got It For



disappeared before our eyes can caught,


She is

We r in
shocked !

She came to us before we
realised and informed us she was going to MINITOON ,

she is so blurred !

Then, we queue up in
McD while waiting for her to get her things in MINITOON..

After we got everything done ,

we met
HaFiz and his friends ,

i wonder why he always lepak here lepak there because the possibility of not meeting him outside is nearly

Jane is so
excited to see back her little brother(Hafiz) again =.=' ...

YK had left sooner than us..

We went to
Bowling without Her..


i am like a
noob when dealed with bowling..

always got zero..


Lucas got the
highest marks in the end,

thought i cant see his marks on the screen without my spec..

THis is my day at the end of Last weekend XD

sorry for the Late updated..

I will Update more in Future!

Thanks for the
Supporting ( Perasan) XD..

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