08 March, 2009

Sunway Lagoon Trip for Friends Outing

On 7th march 2009, it is a great saturday that my friends and me were planning to have an outing before sher li take off to NS on 19th march.. the destination was set one week before the day and we were busy prepared for the things like towel, extra shirt as we going to take bath in there after come out from water park..

In the warm and sunny morning at 8.30am , me and yee kuan were having our breakfast in centrepoint starbucks, breathing the fresh air and the hot chocolate + chicken sandwiches scents have boost our mood
into the highest point for the next station to
Sunway lagoon..

when we( li hui, mel, yeekuan and fel) arrived in sunway pyramid which is right next to sunway lagoon, we step in to the information counter to ask for the direction to sunway lagoon.. After Sher Li had came to join us, we approached the OLD TOWN KOPITIAM to have our lunch while waiting for Jia MIn arrival .. We found a place to sit and ordered our food which included toast, 2 bowl of ipoh hor fan, 2 enrich chocolate and etc...we ate our food while busy chit chating and finished it at 12 something ...

Next, we left the restaurant and follow the direction to sunway lagoon... Suddenly, the sky is turned grey and it began to rain.. All of us feel so miserable.. When Jia min arrived , the rain started to turning into a better condition and we prayed for it to stop .. AT 2 pm, the rain had eventually stop and we cheered out loud ... Melody rushed to the counter and bought 6 tickets for 2 parks( water& amusement) by using her 25% discount voucher for each tickets ... It was a waste that we dont have a waterproof camera, or else we can capture some pictures in water park...

When the twilight appears, melody, lihui and jia min had left sooner than us ... I , yeekuan and sherli had decided to take our dinner in Sakae Sushi Restaurant.. yum yum, the sushi was super delicious and irresistible( but i forgot to take the pictures down because we are so hungry! )... We done it at 8.10 pm and i followed yee kuan back to her house... I immediately picked up my hp to inform my mom to fetch me home... I am smiling when leaving...

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