12 March, 2009

Whats Next? SPM >.<

I did not came from a rich family, probably cant go for overseas college now..
despite of that,
there are some local college i found that are quite suit for me..
All over this few months ,
i've been thinking for a lot of course to pursue..
through buisness, engineering, mass communication, IT , acturial science,
i still cant find any interest of mine in them..
Its so COnFUs3..
the course i've decide to take now is the course i think at the beginning..
the SPM result is coming out today..
my feeling is indescribable...
i am not quite sure with my satisfaction..
and yet, my Life still goes on~

~The Class Outing ~

i dint treat it as a class outing,
The atmosphere is totally out,
someone who do not belong to 5c came to joined us,
while someone who belong to 5c leave the group...

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