28 September, 2009

A Perfect Getaway


I met up with Sher Li and Yee Kuan in IKEA restaurant ,
finally it was not One-u anymore ^^
I waited in there for them to take their lunch.
we went to DRAGON-I in Curve for dessert,
I ordered a ♥ 芒果小丸子 ♥
so nice XD long time dint eat >.<
Sher Li went back not long after that =.=

Me and Yk head up to Cineleisure to watch A Perfect Getaway
A murdering movie , damn exciting XD
~I rate 4/5 for it ~

~ P.S. Jia Min FFK T.T so hard to meet her haiz...
Dont know have to wait for how long for next gathering again T.T

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